Make them green with envy

Some people will tell you your wedding shoes are unimportant– because most of the time no one can see them– but having colorful shoes will add a pop to your wedding and will make you feel sexy, even underneath your … Continue reading

Like red on a rose

No matter the month, day, or year of your wedding, red is always an option to let your bridesmaids look elegant and hot all at once. Spice up your wedding with red bridesmaid dresses, flowers and shoes. Mixing and matching … Continue reading

A wedding at the patch

Pumpkins are one of the most iconic symbols of fall and have been incorporated into weddings in many ways, from venue to decor. Pumpkins are a huge part of fall for many Americans. We use them as a main ingredient … Continue reading

A bouquet to remember

I’ve already given you inspiration for autumn boutonnieres, but what about bouquets? Whether its a tight or draping bouquet… made of lilies, roses or tulips… warm colored flowers will be a hit at your autumn wedding! Mix things up by … Continue reading

Hair as vibrant as the trees

After getting my hair done today, and bringing a bit of warm red in for the fall, I figured I would look at redheaded brides. I’m not saying you should change your hair color for a fall wedding– because, let’s … Continue reading

These boots were made for walkin’…

RIGHT DOWN THAT AISLE! My cousin’s country wedding was the inspiration for this post, but wearing cowboy boots in your wedding is trending and is great for autumn weddings! Congrats Kamron & Jill! Notice that many of these weddings take … Continue reading

Sketching the bride

After stumbling upon the wonderful sketch work done by Deborah Griffin, I had to share some gorgeous sketches of brides on the big day! This is one of Deborah’s sketches! Visit Illustrative Moments for more information about her services! Getting a sketch of … Continue reading

Covering up for the cold

Though strapless wedding gowns are one of the most popular styles, wearing a long sleeve lace gown is a great way to fashionably stay a bit warmer when having a wedding in one of the cooler months. For more long sleeve … Continue reading